Weed Wiping

by Andy on December 17, 2014


The “glamour” of weed wiping!

As the name suggests weed wiping is quite literally wiping weeds. The apparatus shown above is filled with a concentrated dose of herbicide. The chemical saturates the rope attached at the bottom of the wiper allowing the operator to apply directly to the target weed. Simple to use, however training and appropriate PPE are still required.

Unless you have access to a machine wiper, a hand held wiper is not the best approach to a large area. Its very advantageous for spot treatment and useful as a follow up treatment after a spray event. There is zero drift from the process, very beneficial when working in close proximity to a water course. The herbicide is applied directly to all green leaf foliage and translocates to the roots killing the weed. Any surplus herbicide can be placed back into its container and used again, resulting in zero waste.

For any more information on this approach or, any other questions you may have on invasive weed treatment feel free to contact us on 0800 0209 307 or e-mail us at info@soilutions.co.uk.


Stem Injection of Rhododendrons

by Alasdair on November 25, 2014

A photo of a healthy Rhododendron prior to treatment

A photo of a healthy Rhododendron prior to treatment

The same Rhododendron plant a few weeks after treatment

The same Rhododendron plant a few weeks after treatment

Herbicide application is a great way of killing most problem plant species but with Rhododendron Ponticum the size of the plant and the lack of systemic movement of herbicides down the stem to the root bole, makes spraying mature plants a very tricky prospect.

However by putting a more concentrated dose of herbicide directly into the plant stem it is possible to achieve very good results as the pictures above show.

The usual requirements for a suitably qualified operator apply and it’s crucial to apply an accurate dosage of herbicide.  It’s a technique which isn’t that well suited to small and immature plants or plants which have been cut back and left to regrow because you need a sufficiently big stem to hold the herbicide but in the right conditions it’s a very fast and cost effective way of dealing with this problematic species.

If you want to know more don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Japanese Knotweed – Government to issue Asbos

November 21, 2014

The powers in Westminster have decreed that anyone who fails to control the growth of one of our most invasive and pesky none native plants could be issues with an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO to you and me).  No I’m not joking, they are deadly serious, but not as dead as they’d like the Knotweed [...]

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Rhododendron Control

October 14, 2014

Rhododendron Ponticum, a pretty (to some) yet pesky invasive species trying to conquer our green and pleasant land. Introduced to the UK back in the 18th century this hardy plant has gone on to dominate large areas of the Scottish landscape, and throughout the rest of the UK. When in bloom the flower can be a huge [...]

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Why Do We Need Renewable Energy?

September 24, 2014

The recent controversy over the change in stance of Friends of the Earth on Nuclear power or not has got us thinking about energy again. For most of us the questions around renewable energy can be separated into two broad areas, the things that impact our lives on a day to day basis and the [...]

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3 Ways to Stop an Oil Leak

August 14, 2014

Guess you’re in a rush so I’ll cut to the chase.  This applies to domestic and commercial leaks, and most of it is common sense. The first thing for you to think about, “is it safe”? If there is a fire risk, or for example the vapours are overwhelming, then stay safe, keep clear and call [...]

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Landfill Tax a Point of View

August 11, 2014

It is a universal truth that your personal circumstances will influence how you view the world.  This can be any aspect of life your age, gender, ethinic and religious background, where you live or the job you do.  These factors and many more will inform on the reasons for you having a very different view on [...]

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Waste Acceptance Criteria – Are you classifying your waste correctly…?

August 5, 2014

  As you will all know it is the waste producer’s responsibility for describing their waste in detail and that WAC is not the way to do this…!  What you need to do is provide details on the source and origin of the waste, including chemical test data.  The EA have produced guidance on how [...]

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Groundwater Remediation

July 18, 2014

When dealing with groundwater remediation as with most things in life there are various options. Do you want to treat in situ? Do you want to extract the water and dispose off site? Or extract and treat on site? Choosing the right treatment technique can require a lot of site investigation and data collection to decide [...]

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What is Land Remediation?

July 10, 2014

There are a lot of remedies out there, and more and more people using Remediation as a term specific to their field. Land remediation and its most dedicated employee the Remediation Engineer are both in the business of resolving (or remedying) problems caused by contamination in soil and water. Whether contamination poses a risk depends on the scenario, safe levels [...]

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